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"ATCON":Update #1

Our Current crop of videos will be documenting the progress on our current WIP: And The Coming of Nighttime. Or, "ATCON" for short.

Juat a bit about me

On doing what I do

Panel from the graphic novel, "And The Coming Of Nighttime" by Elaine Haygood (wip)

"I'm not meant to be doing "normal" things. I just have to create things whether they be comics, graphic novels, animation, books, macrame wall hangings/jewelry or woven pieces-Lens Cap gives me the outlet to express all those aspects of my creativity and then share them with the world."

~Elaine Haygood, CEO

Panel from graphic novel, "And The Coming of Nighttime"  by Elaine Haygood (wip)
This is a ooak necklace and is currently my "signature" piece

What's getting done so far

Lens Cap Publishing


Novels, Graphic Novels, Short Comics

Lens Cap Productions


Film, Video, Animation

Lens Knots Art and Design


Illustrations, Fibre Art, Jewelry Design

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